Cute Mio Akiyama Cosplay : K-On!

Cute Teenage girl playing Bass has always given some impression for its look, beside that Mio Akiyama is a shy girl who always show a sweet expression while on stage and become main vocal, sadly we only can see her performance from K-On! Anime series, it would be really cool if I could see them in live concert, is that possible? well nevermind.

I think this Cute Mio Akiyama Cosplay Picture can treat Mio fans imagination who want to see "Real-Living Mio Akiyama", Hiko was representing all Mio appearance, she's cute, wearing the same Mio Akiyama Cosplay Costume as in the anime, and the best part... in this Cute Mio Akiyama Cosplay picture, we can see whole cute member of Ho-kago Tea Time Band!.

What could be better than to see four cute girls from K-On! anime gathering together. wait...we missed Azusa Nakano =,='.