Nene Anegasaki Cosplay : Love Plus Game.

Nene Anegasaki is one of dating girl from the Nintendo DS Dating Game called Love Plus, and The newest game from it series is the Love Plus +, and you also can enjoy more cute graphics in Nintendo 3DS platform with NEW LovePlus, somehow this game can make you really fall in love with the characters in game .

                                                Bell's WorldCosplay

You think who's not going to fall in love with a cute girl is in this Nene Anegasaki Cosplay  picture? Bell (the cosplayer) has made Nene Anegasaki real alive here, she looks very cute even her nature was also clearly illustrated here. but I think in the first Nene Anegasaki Cosplay picture her mole inverted position, She has a mole under her right eye, right?

well that not a big deal, Its super sweet Nene Anegasaki Cosplay.