Lunamaria Hawke Cosplay : Gundam SEED DESTINY

Here she come, one of the Three Elite Pilot of the Minerva in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lunamaria Hawke,behind her great fighting abilities and characteristics that follow orders without thinking of his own emotions, Lunamaria is a sociable person who is both cheerful and charming that can makes comfort people arround her.

                                                 Chi Youn WorldCosplay

Somehow ... Chi Youn looks too cute as Hawke in this Lunamaria Hawke Cosplay Picture. shortly. she out of my imagination on this character...but whos cares about my expection if Chi Youn has made this character looks more cute and cheerful. and about her Lunamaria Hawke Cosplay Costume. i don't need to say anything except that was a nice detailed cosplay costume, i wanna wear that Cosplay Costume too o.o" if possible.