Sweet Zhen Ji Cosplay : Dynasty Warriors

This woman with dazzling beauty is Zhen Ji one of the playable character from Dynasty Warriors Video Games series, she is known as one of the general Wei Forces, other than that she is also known for her bewitching beauty and deadly songs. In The Game she used the flute as her weapon but when she plays her flute was not always come to a bad thing, it would be a sweet thing if you were her lover.

                                                Hiko's WorldCosplay

Hiko is a cosplayer who is behind this Sweet Zhen Ji Cosplay picture, Hiko is Taiwanese cosplayer with oriental sweet face that enough to make this Sweet Zhen Ji Cosplay picture perfect. her hairpin and her Cosplay Costume motif is very similar to the original one in Dynasty Warriors 5 Video Games. Except Hiko who looks too young as Zhen Ji everything looks Sweetly perfect on this Zhen Ji Cosplay picture.