Caitlyn Cosplay : Legua of Legends Game

Should we call her as a Champion of the League of Legends Game? Or Champion of real life Police Girls, what you see now is Caitlyn Cosplay photography by Misa. Caitlyn is the Sheriff of Piltover, one of the playable champion in League of Legends Online Game, League of Legends Gamer's fans certainly have been familiar with this character.


In this Caitlyn Cosplay picture, Caitlyn has a much different appearance from the original version in League of Legends Game, Usually she wearing a classic dress with high purple striped magican hat which now its turned into a very sexy modern police officer (she has changable costume like this in the Game). I would not mind if she want to arrest me and imprison me in her heart.

Personally I prefer Caitlyn's Costume in this Caitlyn Cosplay photo by Misa since she looks a lot hawter and cutier than a real one, and she also has a nice gun here i believe that a M82A1 Berrett sniper rifle, she better didn't play with that deadly weapon (that just a Cosplay prop tho xD).