Pinky Hatsune Miku by Kisakiurumi

This Pinky Hatune Miku Cosplay photography has reminded me of this Miku Cosplay by Aira, Kisakiurumi wearing the same Pink Lingerie Cosplay costume as Aira, even they also have apples (no way it accident). it mean Hatsune Miku ever wear this Cosplay Costume in one of her song, I just don't know when and what song is that.

                                                Kisakiurumi WorldCosplay

The sweet red apples can not be compared with Kisakiurumi sweetness in this Pinky Hatsune Miku Cosplay picture, since she got a nice Lingerie pinky Cosplay costume, very cool natural blue hair and a pink pillow that makes you jealous. well this is Sweet Pink Hatsune Miku Cosplay and i know you like it.