Kawaii Ika Musume Cosplay by Misa

Back to Misa Cosplay, this time we could see she made Ika Musume Cosplay two times more cuter than a real one in Shinryaku! Ika Musume Anime Series, Ika Musume is a squid girl that can manipulate her tentacles at will, such as deliver a powerful smack, oerce them through tickling, carry many plates at once while working as Maid Cafe at the beach house. and you can imagine a lot of other things that she can do.

except her bracelet that seems little different from Ika Musume's in Anime, Misa has made ​​a  perfect Kawaii Ika Musume Cosplay Pictures for me, she has same squid hat as Musume, she got a cheerfully cute face that make you wanna squeeze her, as well as Squid Girl she has a nice hair-like tentacles, just wondering if she can actually move her tentacles ^^. Well I love this Kawaii Ika Musume Cosplay.