Cute Nishino Tsukasa Cosplay by Misa

This cute girl is one of the main characters from my long time favorite Manga and Anime, her name is Nishino Tsukasa from Ichigo 100% anime, Nishino is the most popular girl in her school and very fond of strawberries (at least she wearing strawberry panties) Manaka mistaken her as the girl that he saw in School Rooftop.

Misa is back! .. After so long i didn't post Misa's Cosplay Pictures, now we can see this Cute Nishino Tsukasa Cosplay picture, i believe Misa was qualified as a popular girl Just like Tsukasa Nishino in Ichigo 100% anime. she's uberly cute girl with sweet smile. after seeing this Cute Nishino Tsukasa Cosplay picture makes me want to rewatch Ichigo 100% anime.