Eru Chitanda Cosplay by Rinto Tocchi

Eru Chitanda is a Cheerful girl with a very ladylike look and polite, she accidentally become president of Classic Club in her school due to the club not retaining any members from the previous year, Eru Chitanda admired Oreki's talent and kinda fall in love with him. wait .. who is Oreki?? he is the main protagonist in this Hyouka Anime, you can see that guy in this Eru Chitanda Cosplay picture.

                                                 Tocchi's WorldCosplay

I think this Eru Chitanda Cosplay picture can represent Eru Chitanda position as President of Classic Club, especially in the third Eru Chitanda Cosplay picture, yellow Vintage effect and "Look old-building" makes everything very Classic. i really love their poses that look like they were walking towards the door while chating but stopped for a moment waiting for their friends to come. and the Cosplayer behind this Eru Chitanda Cosplay Pictures is Rinto Tocchi.