Princess Mononoke Cosplay by Alena

Its Epic Princess Mononoke Cosplay photo, like most Hayao Miyazaki's anime, the Princess Mononoke anime also tells about relation between human with the spirit, gently flowing animation technique makes Princess Mononoke seem a little different from other anime.

Princess Mononoke is a girl who was raised by a demon wolf, and she really hates humans, but after meeting with Ashitaka (the main male heroin) she began to accept the human nature that arrogant, greedy and never can price the nature.

the cosplayer in this Princess Mononoke Cosplay pictures is Alena, she seemingly very steeped in her role as Princess Mononoke, standing on a rock with a spear is looks super cool but riding a white demon wolf ... that was the best part of this Princess Mononoke Cosplay picture.