Cool Karen Araragi Cosplay by Mon

Karen Araragi is an avid fan of Tokusatsu to the extent that she self-proclaimed herself as a "hero of Justice", Karen often imitated and the personality and quirks of various characters from tokusatsu series, yea at least she dared to express herselves ^^. as you can see in this Cool Karen Araragi Cosplay picture, she ties her black hair into a ponytail on the right side with sunny side-up egg accesories.

                                                Mon's WorldCosplay

What can I say about this Cool Karen Araragi Cosplay picture is, Mon (the cosplayer) tottaly look like a real Karen Araragi character, she's not only a similar in appearance but The coolest part of this Cool Karen Araragi Cosplay is ... she has a flying Kick just typical of the Tokusatsu action style. I love how she does it well. i need to ask her to teach me that awesome kick.