Korilakkuma Cosplay by HIKO

Rilakkuma is a bear doll mascot that was created by San-X think of Snrio's Hello Kitty, I'm not a fan of this cute Rilakkuma doll so do not expect me to explain more about this Korilakkuma Cosplay Pictures. I saw a cosplayer who wears "Sweater-with bear ear hoodies" costume and they said it was Rilakkuma Cosplay. dang!...never heard it.

                                                Hiko's WorldCosplay

I was a bit frustrated when finding out about Korilakkuma Anime, is there no Korilakkuma anime? hey~... whos cares about Korilakkuma anime or character, as long as we can see this cute Korilakkuma Cosplay Picture by HIKO, As usual Hiko always looks cute and charming with any Cosplay Costume she wearing. thats a magic part of Cosplay and her.