Yamuraiha Cosplay : Magi by Eki

After Mayoko Okino Cosplay now we have another Sweet Magician Girl Cosplay from Magi Manga/Anime, her name is Yamuraiha, she was one of the eight generals who serve the High King of Seven seas Sinbad (or Seven general...whatever. forgot), Yamuraiha experts in use water magic and gladly to teach Aladin when Sinbad asked her to teach Aladin Magic.

                                                 Eki's Devientart

I am speakless when i see how perfect Ekihoic in this Yamuraiha Cosplay picture, she has nice detailed in a Cosplay costume that she wears. especially i really love her hair, she even has a clam that bra (anyone know how did it can stick there?). Besides that Eki is so-super sweet in this Yamuraiha Cosplay Photo.

Eki holic also look hot yet cute at Sinbad Cosplay photo (female Version) no less sweet than this Yamuraiha Cosplay picture, you have to see her.