Cute Nymph Cosplay by Misa

Nymph (Ninfu) is the "Electronic Warfare Angeloid" which was given the task to take Ikaros back from the earth, different from Ikaros Nymph isn't fighter type of Angeloid, but she has the ability to manipulate other Angeloid's data, she even can manipulate human mind, One time Nymph ever make Tomoki Appear to be the ideal guy for a that perv Tomoki could peek freely.

Although this Cute Nymph Cosplay Pictures only shows her face but I'm sure Misa has made a very similar Nymph Cosplay to the real Nymph character, this is not the first time I've posted Cute Nymph Cosplay. I think you must see some Sora no Otoshimono Cosplay pictures that i've posted before, you can see them here and here...which better? that's all up to your choice.