Lucy Cosplay : Elfen Lied by Mussum

Is the power of Telekinesis really exist? I was never sure. but at least Telekinesis owned By Lucy (Nyuu) Character in Elfen Lied anime, She is incredibly sadistic, like when she tear all four children to pieces and almost painting the room with their blood (because they kill her only one friend). in the Lucy Cosplay Picture it looks like she just did a terrible thing again.

                                                    Mussum's WorldCosplay

Lucy has a split personality, Lucy is in normal form and Nyuu in innocent form, that you see in this Lucy Cosplay Picture is Lucy in (kaede) normal form ... that means it's better not to mess with her at this time. though the Lucy Cosplay Picture is a little bit bloody but Mussum still look sweet as can be, love her Cosplay Costume ^^' that simply awesome. you have to see her hot Poison Cosplay too