Anzu Futaba Cosplay : The IDOLM@STER

This girl gets three nickname "Lazy Fairy", "Halloween Petit Devil" and "Lazy Princess". all three sound cute to me, her name Anzu Futaba, she is one of the idols of The IDOLM@STER mobile social games, Anzu Futaba wearing a white shirt with writing on the front just like the one in this Anzu Futaba Cosplay picture. can anyone tell me what is the meaning of the writing on her shirt?

                                                Ami's WorldCosplay

Hayase Ami is a cosplayer who made this Anzu Futaba Cosplay picture looks very sweet, I bet she's just waking up, posing on the bed very representative of Anzu Futaba nature as "Lazy Fairy". well ... she got a nice Hair and Sweet Cosplay Costume and we love this Anzu Futaba Cosplay.