Cute Jinx Cosplay : League of Legends

Jinx is one of the playable character from a very popular "DOTa-style" Online Game now day, League of Legends online, I doubt if there is a fan of "DotA-style" game that missed League of Legends (pssst. .. I missed that), when I compare this Cute Jinx Cosplay Pictures with jinx pictures, Rinnie Riot looks close to real jinx character, but she might need a little practice to show her devilish expression ^^.

Well ... now I need to add one more Cosplayer in to my favorite Cosplayer list, Rinnie Riot, She has made a lot of cool League of Legends Cosplay, and the coolest and shocking thing from these Cute Jinx Cosplay : League of Legends Picture is...she's doing whole cosplay creation just in one night maybe before she going to bed (she said just for fun). Sugoooiiiii! right!?

wait...i think her tatto should be in the right side xD.