League of Legends Cosplay : Akali 02

Akali is one of the playable champion from League of Legends MOBA Online Game, her classes is Assassin, so if Stealt, giving a negative effect and suprise killing fits your playstyle this character is the right choice to play in League of Legends Game, actually in this Akali League of Legends Cosplay photo you will see different Akali character from the Original Game Version.

The cosplayer behind this sweet League of Legends Cosplay photography is Rinnie Riot, I said different Because she's wearing a sweet Nurse Akali cosplay costume (Nurse Skin) that will made ​​you feel at home in the hospital, well ... although she Looks sweet with her Nurse Cosplay costume but she is still dangerous with that dual Kama. see also this previous Rinnie Riot's (Mafia Skin) Jinx Cosplay pictures.