Kirakishou Cosplay : Rozen Maiden

Let's talk straight, I'm not so familiar with this Rozen Maiden anime, but as far as I know this is Kirakishou Cosplay photography, Kirakishou is the seventh and final doll of the Rozen Maiden series. Kirakishou is taller than some of the dolls and as you can see in this Kirakishou Cosplay she wears a white, ornately ruffled dress.

dark shades are felt thick in this Kirakishou Cosplay picture, it makes her white hair and white dress worn by Kirakishou look even more beautiful and elegant, especially I like the doll-Joint effect in the third pic, (actually a little scary me ^^), well the awesome cosplayer behind this Kirakishou cosplay photography is Usagiyakuro.